About Us

Products Free of dyes, perfumes and harsh chemicals

Our cleaning products are manufactured by and for people with allergies, asthma, chemical sensitivities (such as MCS) and for people who are concerned with indoor air quality and their overall health.

We use renewable resources whenever possible in the manufacturing our products.  Our vegetable-based raw materials are enhanced with other safe ingredients which are combined to create ultra-safe, yet powerful cleaners. All three of our cleaning product lines are designed with the safety of the user and environment in mind.

Early in 1987, while purchasing industrial cleaning chemicals for our own use, we discovered we had been using a suspected carcinogen. Concerned for our customer’s health, as well as our own, we started looking into the industry's chemicals and practices and found that the some of the most commonly used ingredients also have the highest rating of dangerous chemicals.

While we were searching for our own answers, we realized that there are a growing number of people that are dealing with asthma, allergies, and chemical illnesses. One of the common issues for people affected, including some of our own staff, is that they respond negatively to petroleum based cleaning products.

We refocused the company's efforts towards developing a completely safe cleaning system for the entire consumer base; Residential, Professional Cleaners, and Industry.  This allows a person to be surrounded by safe products throughout the entire day.  

Today, we have successfully created three lines of products to serve the needs of each of those market segments.

~ Clearly Clean ~ A product line that is designed for the residential consumer. The cleaners are designed with the focus on indoor air quality and effectiveness.  

~ EnviroPro ~ A product line that is designed for professional cleaner or institutional purchaser.   

 ~ BioForce Services  ~ A product line that is designed for the industrial user serving many markets including parts cleaning, metal  plating, printing, etc.